Project Details

Green Park


When awarded the contract for landscape maintenance at Green Park our main priority was to ensure that the integrity of the Green Park landscape was sustained and enhanced and to improve the standard of the external environment to the satisfaction of the owner, park occupiers and users. The park was to be inviting, comfortable and safe for use and enjoyment.
The parks many areas are diverse and challenging, with access roads and roundabouts as well as a large lake, developed plots and undeveloped plots. The Longwater avenue area includes the lake and is more naturalistic by design. We introduced water level markers to monitor the regular changes as the site is part of the River Kennet flood attenuation system.

What we did

Since taking over the contract in January 2013 we have carried out numerous works around the park including tree removal following the high winds in December 2013, installing new pathways and running paths for the site users. We have carried out numerous repair and improvement works since starting the contract and are constantly working to maintain and improve the site with our onsite team of landscapers.

Client Info

Green Park is owned and managed with pride by Mapletree, the leading real estate development, investment and capital management company from Singapore. Green Park extends across 195 acres of stunning parkland, sensitively landscaped and planted to create a topography of natural contrasts that constantly surprises and encourages biodiversity. More than 50 bird species have been ‘twitched’ here, while Longwater Lake, a 1,200 freshwater lake bisecting the site is home to an abundance of fish and invertebrates.


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