Project Details

Regent’s Place, London


The centre of London isn’t often considered the place for biodiversity but Regent’s Place shows how you can offer a safe haven for wildlife in an urban Eden.

Insect Hotels

One of the more striking additions to Regent’s Park is the introduction of beautiful custom made insect hotels which suspend between the trees. Next to one of the busiest streets in London we want to ensure there is safe refuge to insects who might need somewhere to rest, reproduce or hibernate.

Biodiversity Planting

Too often the standard for city planting is very standardized, easily maintained box hedging. We believe we can do better to ensure there is a variety of plant life to encourage a variety of insects and animals on the campus. Within a week of changing the planting scheme buff tail bumblebees and holly blue butterflies were photographed there.

Green Events

Noticing the difference in wildlife around campus attracted the interest of occupiers. Nature walks and terrarium workshops have been included so the community feeling of an inclusive environment for both people and wildlife is shared around the site.


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