Constant studies have shown a link between spending time outside and a reduction in stress.

No matter where you are we can offer nature walks to get people up and out of the office and interested in wildlife in the UK. It is a fantastic way to see what wildlife there is around your area and people are often surprised with what they find!

From birds of prey to tiny water nymphs, we’ve seen a wonderful variety of wildlife sometimes in very unexpected places.


A fantastic opportunity to get people involved in wildlife out of hours.

We can provide a brilliant interactive evening of listening out for local bats with bat detectors and learning how to identify different calls. Perfect for a more family feel event as after hours allows the oppertunities to bring families. 

We always try and work with local bat groups to encourage community connections.


The UK is home to thousands of species of insects and provide the core diets for many species on our little island.

One of the best ways to help explain biodiversity, the intricacies of food webs and study the different species onsite is to build insect hotels.

It’s a fun way to bring people together in the outdoors and learn about ways to encourage wildlife at work and at home.

If you are looking for specific insect hotels to be installed see here for information on our insect hotels.


Our iconic spiky mammal is in desperate need of help. In recent years there are suggestions of less than 1 million hedgehogs left in the UK.

A brilliant way to learn about hedgehogs is building a hedgehog home for them to hibernate over the winter or provide somewhere to have their hoglets (baby hedgehogs!). We can provide all materials and expertise to do such an event.

If you are looking to introduce hedgehog homes without an event see here for more information. 


Terrariums are like mini gardens which are easy to maintain and very fun to make. They consist of different layers of potting material with allow for an enclosed system.

This is a fantastic event to bring greenery into the office and having a fantastic ongoing project in the office whilst learning about basic plant maintenance.

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