As bats make up for as much as ¼ of mammals species in the UK and have been in fast decline for the past century, we believe it is important to provide shelters for our only flying mammal.

We provide state of the art bat boxes which encourages natural nesting. The unique boxes we deliver are specifically designed to mimic natural nest sites proving to be a more effective resting place than traditional wooden boxes.

As part of our bat box schemes we can survey them annually to track bat activity at your site. We also offer fantastic bat walk and talk evenings which is a great way to let people know about your commitment to bats, see here for more information.


Native breeding woodland and farmland bird numbers have been in steady decline since the 1970’s and with industrial development often being linked with these decline, we believe more could be done to ensure our native birds are included in landscaping practices.

The species specific bird boxes we offer provide excellent nesting places for native species of birds. This includes :blue tit, great tit, coal tit, swifts, house sparrows, kestrel, tawny owl and little owl boxes.

As part of our bird box schemes we can survey them annually to track bird activity at your site.


As part of our commitment to biodiversity we aim to encourage pollinators. Bees have been steadily declining since the introduction of intensive farming and insecticides across the UK and we hope to help address this.

We can provide hives and manage them as bee keepers or as beekeeping classes.


If your site holds the potential for grass snake we can provide structures and management advice on how to encourage them to nest.

Due to the nature of the grass snake sites it can also provide opportunities to improve your green waste management.


There are some estimates suggesting there are less than 1 million hedgehogs left in the UK. To help our spiky friends Q&S can provide suitable habitats so they have somewhere to hide, hibernate and produce young.

As part of our hedgehog home schemes we can survey them annually to track hedgehog activity at your site.

We can also make hedgehog homes as part of an event – see here for more information.


Insect hotels are a fantastic way to not only encourage creepy crawlies but learn about their importance in the food chain. One of the best ways to encourage a variety of bird life is to ensure you have a variety of insects for them to feed on.

We offer a huge variety of insects hotels, from the classic use of onsite recycled materials to more grandeur structures like bees and ‘insect mansions’. We can also offer events learning about in sects and building insect hotels, see here for more information.


Wild flower meadows are a fantastic way of creating a very varied habitat fairly quickly. With a mix of native plants, thousands of insects can use them to create little havens of their own.

We can provide seed mixed and management plans to get wild flower seeded but can also offer pre-seeded wild flower turf for those wanting an instant impact.


Almost ever site produces some kind of food waste even if it’s just tea bags! A great way to environmentally deal with food waste is to compost it using a wormery. We can provide custom made wormeries to fit into any available space you may have for one.

We can also provide all worms and bedding materials as well as ongoing management to ensure your wormery stays healthy.

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