Along with good corporate governance, ethical behaviour is an integral part of everything Q&S does, as we believe that a creative and well managed corporate and socially responsible programme is in the best interests of all – our clients, our employees, our suppliers and other business partners who work together with us.

Communication – pro-actively work in close partnership with our clients to ensure consistency and quality of service is maintained through clear lines of communication.

Quality & Service has a strong track record of interacting with the local communities on our cleints sites on which we work and always being approachable. Our aim is to provide high quality landscaping for our customers, their clients and the surrounding communities, which will assist businesses to succeed, the economy to grow and people to thrive.

Customer Service – Quality & Service aspires to a culture of unconditional integrity; it is at the heart of how we do things, integrity in dealing with our clients, employees, other contractors and our client’s tenants and visitors; integrity in the service we provide and integrity in our behaviour.

Quality & Service is aware that a robust service culture is good for business, and its importance to our companies’ reputation to be seen as the service partner and employer of choice. We recognise that fostering a work culture that is based on teamwork and positive attitudes is one of the keys to business success, and delivering service excellence to our Clients and their occupiers.

Excellence is the minimum that we demand from every one of our employees – and we are confident that if you visit any property to which we supply a landscape service, you will see that promise being kept every day. Sustained excellence, proactive problem-solving and unconditional integrity, particularly when things are difficult or go wrong, is what we offer.

People are at the centre of everything we do – our clients, our employees and our suppliers. We work as a ‘one’ team partnership, of shared goals that will aim to set new standards of service delivery.

Sustainability – Our working practices are based on sustainability and we prioritise the following:

  • Minimising the waste we produce either by re-using it or recycling it
  • Wholesale use of Biological Controls, rather than being chemical reliant
  • Applying and adhering the Biodiversity standards Q&S have created
  • Soil sampling to ensure plants are matched to soil type

Biodiversity – we are committed to embedding sustainability into every aspect of our operations and that includes exploring opportunities for enhancing biodiversity and protecting the natural habitat on our Client’s sites. Visit our Biodiversity page.

Q&S’ Environment Policy outlines our working procedures relating to the environment.

With several years’ experience, we are able to offer technical landscaping advice and work closely with our clients to identify interventions on their sites, with the potential to enhance biodiversity, ensuring always that there is minimal disruption,

Q&S’ aim is to provide clients with solutions from our wealth of market leading experience and understanding of biodiversity. We love the outdoors and are passionate about the environment, so conserving biodiversity is of paramount importance to us. Our knowledge base is exhaustive, and our key aim is to ensure we continue to be one of the best in our industry.

Continuous Improvement – Q&S continuously strive to find new materials, equipment, tools or working procedures that could bring savings in respect to cost and/or increase quality and productivity for our Clients.

We affirm our commitment to keeping abreast of all Landscaping and Biodiversity innovations, and work in partnership with our Clients to ensure as diverse a landscape as possible on their properties.


Quality & Service’s principles of corporate responsibility and sustainability go beyond legal compliance, they are embedded in our business, processes and ways of working. Our corporate responsibility and sustainable excellence ethos is driven by a bold and influential approach that encompasses:

Values and Ethics

It’s about who we are and the way we do business. We embrace our core values of honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, and solidarity, and this underpins our business practices, procurement behaviours and employee welfare policies.

Environmental Sustainability

We have a deep and measured understanding of our impact on the environment. We are constantly working to reduce our impact on the natural environment from energy, business travel and waste. We raise employee awareness on critical issues in sustainable development.

Community Engagement

We strive to have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and operate. To do so, we work with local charities and actively support / encourage our employees to participate in community development.

People Culture

We aim to be the employer of choice. As a responsible and inclusive employer, we focus on the professional development and well being of all our employees, with respect and value for their diversity. We ensure that our business practices empower delivery excellence.

Client Services

Our clients benefit from our deep understanding of sustainability. We incorporate customer dialogue and feedback to ensure long-lasting value and tangible results.


  • To remain a wholly independent, privately owned (two directors) limited company.
  • To remain guided by the principles of good customer service.
  • To provide a comprehensive value for money horticultural service that produces quality landscaping.
  • To offer a horticultural service that is tailored to suit the precise needs of our clients.
  • Maintain the desire to continuously improve our service to meet and surpass individual client requirements.
  • To provide a personal and comprehensive interior and exterior landscape design, installation and maintenance service to developers, professional property managers, building and facilities managers and management consultants.
  • Ensure consistency in quality of work is maintained by only employing qualified gardeners.
  • Director level, regular involvement with clients

We continue to build a sustainable, successful and responsible business by delivering on our five positive outcomes, which support profitable, responsible growth and underpin our values as a successful and professional landscaping business.

  • Leading the way with our customers and suppliers
  • Providing better prospects for our people
  • Supporting sustainable communities
  • Enabling low-carbon economies
  • Protecting the environment

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