Project Details

Bowbells House


Bow Bells House is a thoroughly modern building and as such our design and maintenance plan included two rectangular beds on the rooftop to reflect this in a minimal coastal style planting. The plants chosen (eg: Armeria maritime,Thymus serphyllum) were to be robust to withstand the harsh conditions but also providing year round interest and beauty. The plants were chosen for colour and scent and they will provide food and shelter to invertebrates and bees during all seasons. These insects in return will provide food for the varied bird species that spend their summers and winters in London.

What we did

The existing planting was removed and the planting depth of the beds was increased by the installation of half sleepers around the perimeter of the beds. This increased the planting depth to an ideal depth for coastal style planting and it means the plants will “survive” rather than “thrive”. It may seem counter productive but the plants will be tough and bushier and they won’t get overgrown. A leaky hose system was installed in order to insure against plant failures and exposed soil is covered in pea shingle to prevent evaporation.

Client Info

Formed in 1986, Broadgate Estates has helped manage and build the value of their clients assets across their portfolio of mixed use developments and landmark properties. We work and have worked with them in many of these buildings (e.g. Central St Giles and Plantation Place to name two).