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Coq d’Argent


The landscaping at Coq d’ Argent required a lot of initial work to restore it to an acceptable and manageable level. The shrubs and box hedging were infested with Aphids and all areas needed pruning and shaping. There were lawn areas that required attention as well as some trees. The contract included some entrance containers, we quoted for seasonal bedding changes within the annum to maintain the image of the restaurant.

What we did

Upon starting the maintenance contract at Coq d’ Argent, we first had to work to repair the damage caused by the previous sub-standard level of maintenance. This meant Pest and disease control works to eradicate the Aphids. Undertaking a lawn treatment programme including top dressing, seeding, fertilising and application of weed and moss killer, also scarifying the lawn areas to improve drainage. As part of the ongoing maintenance programme, we pruned and shaped all shrubs and formal hedging as required on a timely basis to create definition within the beds and ensure the hedging was straight and lines were clean, also pruning the climbing plants and undertaking a programme to re-train them. On each visit we removed dead leaves and litter, turned over the soil and hand weeded as necessary, only using weed killers and pesticides when absolutely necessary. Eventually the climbers were tied to wooden uprights promoting a growth of canopy planting.

Client Info

Located in the heart of the city, Coq d’Argent restaurant is within close proximity to major attractions such as St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the Southbank.

Coq d’Argent


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