Project Details

Ropemaker Place


Our contract at Ropemaker place covers multiple terraces. Our design and installation ensures planting is kept free flowing with a definite English Cottage Garden feel to it. Significant interest is added by planting Buxus sempervirens balls on the terraces in order to give more rhythm to the design. There is significant seasonal interest and the garden is at its best during the months of June and July as well as good autumnal interest.

What we did

When installing our designs for the terraces we used planting such as Liriope muscari ‘Royal Purple’and Pachysandra terminalis variegate, Tricyrtis formosana as well as grasses including Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola. The terraces are subject to a regular maintenance programme covering pruning, weed and pest control etc as well as management of an irrigation system to ensure the plants thrive and flourish.

Client Info

Ropemaker Place is a 20-storey building, designed by Arup Associates and managed by Broadgate Estates who provide property management services to the building and on floor services including cleaning, security, M&E maintenance, pest control and landscaping services to a number of occupiers within the building.